Toddler Sippy Cup Set - Blush

Toddler Sippy Cup Set - Blush

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The sweetest mini bowl set perfect for your toddler of 6+ months. Our Sippy cup sets are curated from recycled Rice Husk. They are one hundred percent environmentally friendly products. 


This Set Includes

1x Big Bowl - diameter : 17.3cm

1x Small Bowl - diameter: 14.5cm

1x Sippy cup - 11.5cm height 200ml

1x Fork and Spoon - 13.3cm


Care Instruction

⋒ Stable between -30 to 120 °C

⋒ Dishwasher safe

⋒ Microwave safe - below 3mins

⋒ Freezer safe

⋒ UV Sterilizer safe

⋒ Disinfect with Boiling water safe

⋒ Can be easily clean with wet wipes, soapy water or dishwasher